Gold Price in India

95 / 100
  • 24 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)₹ 59,740 +50 (+0.08%)
  • 22 Carat Gold Rate (10 grams)₹ 54,720 +50 (+0.08%)

Gold Rate Today in India

Gold RateGold Rate In BangaloreGold Rate In ChennaiGold Rate In DelhiGold Rate In HyderabadGold Rate In Mumbai
22 Carat55,45047,92755,60055,45055,450
24 Carat60,49052,28560,64060,49060,490
Gold Price in India Assuming you’re hoping to put resources into gold or to purchase gold adornments for individual use, find here all fundamental data you might require prior to proceeding your buy. Track down here the most recent costs for 24 carat gold and 22 carat gold in India and furthermore contrast them with pursue an educated choice. Gold rate in India today is ₹ 59,740 for each 10 grams for 24 Carat and ₹ 54,720 for 22 Carat. All costs have been refreshed today and are on a standard with industry guidelines

24 Carat Gold Price in India Today


Gram24K Gold PriceDaily Price Change
1 gram 5,974+ 5
8 grams47,792+ 40
10 grams59,740+ 50
100 grams 5,97,400+ 500
Gold Price

Gold Rate Comparison (24K vs 22K) in India

Daily Gold Rate In India (15 Days)

DatePure Gold (24K)Standard Gold (22K)% Change
26 July 202359,690 54,680+0.92%
25 July 2023 59,140 54,180-0.48%
24 July 2023 59,430 54,440-0.04%
23 July 2023 59,460 54,4600%
22 July 2023 59,460 54,4600%
21 July 2023 59,460 54,460-0.69%
20 July 2023 59,860 54,840+0.18%
19 July 2023 59,76054,740+0.53%
18 July 2023 59,440 54,450+0.29%
17 July 202359,270 54,290-0.11%
16 July 2023 59,340 54,3500%
15 July 2023 59,340 54,3500%
14 July 2023 59,340 54,350+0.02%
13 July 2023 59,330 54,340+0.91%
12 July 2023 58,790 53,8500%

Gold Price Today in Major Cities of India

City24 Carat Gold Rate
(10 grams) 
22 Carat Gold Rate
(10 grams) 
Ahmedabad 60,540 55,500
Amritsar 52,200 47,850
Bangalore 60,490 55,450
Bhopal 52,200 47,850
Bhubaneswar 60,490 55,450
Chandigarh 60,640 55,600
Chennai 52,285 47,927
Coimbatore 60,87055,800
Delhi 60,640 55,600
Gurgaon 52,100 47,758
Hyderabad 60,490 55,450
Jaipur 60,640 55,600
Kanpur 52,290 47,932
Kerala 60,490 55,450
Kochi 52,290 47,932
Kolkata 60,490 55,450
Lucknow 60,640 55,600
Madurai 60,87055,800
Mangalore 60,490 55,450
Meerut 52,275 47,918
Mumbai 60,490 55,450
Mysore 60,490 55,450
Nagpur 60,490 55,450
Nashik 60,530 55,480
Patna 60,540 55,500
Pune 60,490 55,450
Surat 60,540 55,500
Vadodara 60,540 55,500
Vijayawada 60,490 55,450
Visakhapatnam 60,490 55,450

Know About Gold Price

24 Carat Gold

Gold price is considered to be in its most perfect structure at 24 carats. Unadulterated gold or 24 carat gold means 99.9 percent immaculateness and it contains no different metals. The 24 carat gold is utilized to make gold coins, bars, and so forth. Different purities for gold likewise exist and are estimated in relativity to 24 carats.

Gold Price

22 Carat Gold

Gold Price The 22 carat virtue gold is great for adornments making. It is 22 sections gold and two sections silver, nickel or some other metal. The blending of different metals makes gold all the more firm and fitting for adornments. The 22 carat gold frequently reflects 91.67 of gold virtue

24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold: Know the difference

24 Carat Gold22 Carat Gold
It is the purest form of gold and contains 99.5% of the precious yellow metal.It has 91.6% parts of pure gold. Rest of the parts are metals such as silver, copper, or some others.
It is quite soft, pliable, brittle, and bendable.It has a hard texture and thus cannot be easily moulded or bended.
It is mostly used in medical and electrical equipment including computers, phones, and more.It is relatively inexpensive due to lesser percentage of pure gold.
This is the most expensive form of gold.It is mostly used for making jewellery, bars, bullions, and coins.
It is bright yellow in colour.It is usually tainted due to the presence of other metals.

Gold Price in Major Cities

Gold rates might fluctuate from one city to another in light of different variables including request, interests required, octroi charges, state charges, gold brokers, bullion affiliations, transportation costs, making charges and other such.

Factors Affecting Gold Price in India

Gold is one of the most famous speculation apparatuses around the world, particularly in India. Like other monetary resources, the cost of gold additionally continues to change. While interest for gold is one of the key factors that decides its market value, a range of different variables play a part as well. Find underneath a portion of the elements influencing everyday gold rates..

1. Demand

Like some other ware, request and supply financial matters massively affects gold costs. Expanded request with obliged or low stock normally brings about a cost climb. Also, an oversupply of gold with stale or powerless interest can push the costs lower. As a general rule, the interest for gold ascents in India during the wedding and happy seasons.

2. Inflation

Gold Price

During expansion, the worth of the cash goes down. In such a situation, may like to clutch cash as gold. This outcomes in a spike in the costs of gold, which, as it were, goes about as a supporting device against inflationary circumstances..

3. Interest rates

Gold and loan costs will generally have a reverse relationship. As the loan costs increment, individuals will generally offer off their gold to procure exorbitant interest. Also, when the loan costs decline, individuals will quite often purchase more gold, accordingly expanding the interest.

4. Monsoon

A significant piece of gold interest in India comes from rustic regions. This request typically will in general heighten after a decent storm, collect, and resultant benefits

5. Government Reserves

Numerous legislatures have monetary stores that are made principally out of gold, and India is no exemption. Be that as it may, assuming this hold surpasses the gold sold by the public authority, the gold costs increment because of a lacking stockpile. In India, this hold is kept up with by the Save Bank Of India.

6. Currency fluctuations

Gold Price exchange the global market executes in US dollars. During import, when the US dollars are switched over completely to Indian rupees, the gold cost vacillates. As a rule, in the event that the Indian rupee devalues, gold import goes to be costlier..

7. Correlation with other assets

Gold has a low to negative connection with all the significant resource classes and consequently, makes for an exceptionally viable portfolio diversifier. According to the specialists, gold shields one’s portfolio from unpredictability on the grounds that the variables that influence the profits from most resource classes don’t impact the cost of gold much. Some even accept that as the portions of an organization fall, a converse connection could foster among gold and values.

8. Geopolitical factors

During international disturbances, for example, a conflict, the interest for gold will in general go up as a place of refuge for stopping reserves. Consequently, while an international strife adversely influences the costs of most resource classes, it decidedly affects gold costs.

9. Octroi charges and Entry tax

Octroi charge and section charge are nearby expenses collected by the duty specialists when merchandise enter their ward (state/city). Octroi is required when the merchandise enter a city, though Passage charge is exacted when the products enter a state. Besides, on the off chance that your gold is esteemed at more than Rs. 30 lakhs, an abundance charge is exacted on it.

10. Making charges

Gold Price Making charges are typically demanded on gold gems and may contrast from piece-to-piece, contingent upon the plan, as well as from gem specialist to-gem dealer..

Gold Buying Guide

Gold has been at the first spot on investor’s list throughout recent centuries. One of the most well known types of interests in India, it is considered as a significant device of monetary security.

Other than the monetary perspective, this yellow metal likewise holds strict and social importance in numerous a culture, factors which likewise add to its reasonable worth.

Albeit the advanced business sectors are overflowed with computerized gold, the appeal of actual gold stays in salvageable shape.

Be that as it may, putting resources into gold can be an interesting business and requires cautious thought of many elements. Here is a broad purchasing guide that will assist you with your next gold buy.

Gold Price Purity

Immaculateness of gold is one of the main elements to be viewed as before gold shopping and is characterized as far as “Carats”, with 24K being the most flawless structure. In any case, 24K gold is available in a pliable fluid structure and should be blended in with different metals for strength. For example, 22k gold is a blend of 22 pieces of gold, for example 91.6% and 2 pieces of other metal combinations. The more prominent the degree of virtue, the more costly gold is.

Gold Type

Actual gold can be purchased in many structures coins, bars, gems

Gold Currencies: A portion of the collectable gold mint pieces have a higher market esteem than different types of gold. Notwithstanding, validness should be checked cautiously before this buy.

Gold Bar: Speculation quality bullions or gold bars generally accompany immaculateness levels of 99.5%-99.99%. You can find this data stepped on the bar alongside the weight and producer’s name.

Gold Gems: This is the most famous structure and has a social importance as well. Be that as it may, the implosion esteem is typically not so high as the first cost.

Genuine Gold Certification

Gold Price In India, the immaculateness of gold is confirmed by the Agency of Indian Standard through hallmarking, characterized as setting up marks on valuable metals. It is encouraged to continuously go for hallmarked gold, for a confirmation of virtue, as well as, legitimateness..

Gold Cost per gram

Gold Price The cost of gold continues fluctuating relying on the ongoing business sector circumstance. Ensure that you keep a customary beware of the gold costs from solid sites..

Despite the fact that it’s unrealistic to precisely anticipate a flood or ruin in the costs of gold, you can stay in contact with gem dealers for assessment. Likewise, make a point to get the gold weighed independently in the event that you are wanting to get it studded with other valuable stones, to guarantee precision in costs

Buy Back Terms

Making charges” allude to the expense of delivering and planning any piece of gold adornments. It is added to the last expense of the adornments, prior to collecting the Labor and products Assessment (GST).

While certain gem specialists have a decent making charge that generally vacillates between 8-16%, others might charge it in light of a specific level of the complete gems weight. These charges differ contingent on the plan and whether the piece is man-made or machine-made

Physical Gold vs. Gold ETFs vs. Sovereign Gold Bonds

Actual gold, Trade Exchanged Assets (ETFs), Sovereign Gold Bonds are some venture choices in gold, which have been the decision of different financial backers since long

Physical GoldGold ETFsSovereign Gold Bonds
StorageYou can store gold in form of jewellery, coins, and bars. The security of these assets is the responsibility of the investor.ETFs are electronic and hence there is no storage requirement or fear of theftDo not require physical storage and can be safely traded
InterestThere is no interest to be enjoyed. Gold is thus considered a safe but dead investment by manyThere is no interest rate to be enjoyed but the return on the investment could varySome rate of interest can be enjoyed
TaxA wealth tax is levied on gold if their valuation is above Rs. 30 lakhsGold ETFs are taxed as non-equity funds . Short-term gains and long-term gains are taxed as per the tax slabSovereign gold bonds are taxed if sold before maturity. If they are held till maturity, there is no tax on capital gains. Any interest earned is taxed.

Gold Weight Conversion Table

Suggest the going with table to sort out the value of gold in different units. Gold is as a rule assessed in grams, kilograms, official ounce, bhats, and tons.

To Convert FromToMultiply By
Troy ouncesGrams31.1035
Troy ouncesGrains480
KilogramsTroy ounces32.1507
GramsTroy ounces0.032151

Which are the logos to look for before buying jewellery?

Hallmarked gold is laser engraved with details such as:

  • BIS logo
  • Retailer’s logo
  • Purity (916, 958 etc.)
  • Year of certification
  • Assaying centre’s logo

Why should you buy hallmarked gold jewellery when it is only 91.6% pure?

Trademark ensures virtue. At the point when you purchase hallmarked or BIS checked gold, you are charged exclusively for the gold rate in your buy. For example, in the event that you purchase 22 carat gold, you’ll be charged according to the ongoing 22K gold rate as for its weight.

What does ‘916 Gold’ mean?

916 Gold Price is one more name of 22 carat gold. It is utilized to signify the immaculateness of gold in the end result, for example for each 100 grams of amalgam, there is 91.6 grams of unadulterated gold in it. 916 Gold is great for making adornments and is additionally confirmed by BIS. Likewise, 958 Gold is 23 carat gold, and 750 Gold is 18 carat gold.

What is KDM Gold

KDM gold is a compound of 92% gold and 8 percent cadmium. Despite the fact that it is viewed as high immaculateness gold, it isn’t confirmed by BIS. This is because of the medical problems connected with cadmium for the craftsman..

Why should you invest in gold

Gold has been seen as a protected and dependable venture instrument all through the pages of history.
Gold goes about as a brilliant support against expansion. As the way of life increments, gold costs likewise raise.
In the midst of international dangers or worldwide emergencies, individuals have had gone to gold as a protected venture device.
It is a fantastic portfolio diversifier.
Albeit the cost of gold might be unstable in present moment, its worth is kept up with over the long haul.
It holds greats social importance all around the world.
Since gold is a decent conveyor of power, it likewise appreciates request in the fields of dentistry, heat safeguard as well as hardware and devices..

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